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Coping with the “Lockdown Lethargy”

Well, this was unexpected.  The world has come to a stop, and most of us are sitting at home watching Netflix and trying not to get ill while working on our baking skills. At the time of writing this, I have been effectively on lockdown for a little over a month, with my work sending […]

PMBA Hopetech Women Enduro 2019

Pictures by Duncan Philpott and Roo Fowler Hopetech Women Enduro seems to have become a mountain biking institution in just a few short years. Every year in October, lots of wonderful women make their way to Gisburn Forest, Lancashire to take part in the event. This is an event run by Hope Technology under the […]

5 things to do in Whistler

For any of you that have been unlucky enough to ride with me or just generally be in my general proximity you will probably be sick of hearing about this but…in roughly 100 days Mr Betty and I are going to Whistler! Apart from sorting out visas, places to stay and flights (i’m sure it […]

How to take care of your 🍑

Bike rides are always tons of fun and the longer I ride, the happier I usually get. At least that tends to be the case. Sometimes, there are things that can spoil your fun and they can be embarrassing too. If your lady bits hurt after a ride, it is sometimes difficult to turn to […]

Peaty’s Bike Bonanza Photo Epic

Every year Peaty’s Bike Bonanza takes place in Sheffield in early November. If you haven’t yet been, picture a car boot sale without car boots, but filled with bike parts and clothing, used and new alike. Having been to the last few, it is safe to say it is growing in numbers and size and […]

Getting Back to Normal – ACL injury update

It has been months since I last spoke about my ACL injury. Last time I did, it was just 2 weeks after my surgery and I was fully engrossed in eating sweets and binge watching Friends, not being able to carry my own cup of tea and devising a complex system involving flasks and plastic […]

Fox Hunt with Rachel Atherton 2018 – Ticketing

It is the time of year again, release day for tickets to the Red Bull Fox Hunt event with Rachel Atherton. However, this year women are being asked to dig deeper into their pockets than ever before with full ticket prices increasing from £55 to £75. Additionally, the decision to offer a reduced price for […]

Fort William Photo Epic

Oh Scotland, you always impress us with your moody hills, even if we were getting munched on by midges. Visiting Fort William for the World Cup UCI Downhill Series 2018. Shorts here, there and everywhere! The pits area was buzzing all weekend. Okay, the weather wasn’t perfect all weekend, there were spits of rain and […]

Fort William UCI Mountain Bike World Cup – Essential Packing List

After a long five week hiatus, the second round of the 2018 Mercedez-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is kicking off this weekend and a huge number of fans from the UK and overseas will be travelling up to Fort William in Scotland. Fort Bill is home to one of the most interesting tracks on […]