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Fort William Photo Epic

Oh Scotland, you always impress us with your moody hills, even if we were getting munched on by midges. Visiting Fort William for the World Cup UCI Downhill Series 2018.

Shorts here, there and everywhere! The pits area was buzzing all weekend.

Okay, the weather wasn’t perfect all weekend, there were spits of rain and hoards of midges, but a cider and midge head net will make that bearable.

The whip off comp is the chance to catch the world’s best riders show off there insane skills on bikes and for you to get jealous that you can’t get that sideways.

Head off this take off and you’ll see thousands of people screaming your name and cheering you on.

4X, a big part of Fort William World Cup, head here on Friday evening to experience some great racing, rowdy crowds and some good battles between riders.

Sunday morning brought some fresh mist on track, plenty of people, and a bit of Scottish dampness.

Beer in hand, check. Cowbell from Shimano, check. Rowdy cheering at 4X, check.

Scotland was broken, and it hadn’t rained in atleast a week which brought some loose corners for riders.

Photo by Mr Betty

I don’t even think I can describe how it feels to ride into the Fort William crowd and arena.