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Fort William UCI Mountain Bike World Cup – Essential Packing List

After a long five week hiatus, the second round of the 2018 Mercedez-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is kicking off this weekend and a huge number of fans from the UK and overseas will be travelling up to Fort William in Scotland.

Fort Bill is home to one of the most interesting tracks on the circuit, a list that in some people’s eyes is rapidly dwindling. Going to an event like this, you might wonder what to pack. Fear not, to make this easier for you we made a quick list of things to pack in your bag this weekend.


Midge spray

You cannot go to Fort Bill without taking any Midge Spray. If you pack nothing else then be sure to bring some mosquito/midge repellent along. The area is teeming with the little biters and unless its raining or windy over the weekend they will eat you up. If you want to try and avoid their bites, pack some midge spray with you asap. On the basis that this plan doesn’t work out, bring some bite relief spray too!


Midge nets

The spray is probably not enough so invest in at least a midge face net, or an entire suit. Or just become a midge, at this point that might be your only option.


Sun cream

So this one might be a bit more optimistic but standing on the side of the hill for hours on end might leave you looking like a lobster thermidor. On the other hand if it rains, be prepared, bring a raincoat. So basically be prepared for any weather. Best to hedge your bets at Fort Bill.



Hopefully it goes without saying but the Nevis Range, where Fort William sits, is fairly rugged. If you’re heading up the mountain, or even just walking around the car park, bring some decent shoes that can handle the rocks and mud.



Taking cash to events like this is a great idea. There are lots of stands with lots of new gear to see and maybe even some discounted lines as well. Get some cash with you to buy yourself a few nice things for your bike, it’ll make you feel better about all the midge bites.


Camera / Autograph Pen

Going to Fort Bill you are likely to bump into your DH idols and this is a perfect opportunity to snap few good photos – take your camera with you and create moments to remember. If you have some great memorabilia that you would like your idols to sign, this is the time! Grab a pen and some paper to make sure you will bank those autographs from Cranky Betty (or someone important).


Something Noisy

Fort Bill is famous for the amazing atmosphere on race days, helped in part by all manner of noisy contraptions. Whether its a vuvuzela or the classic rim and handlebar job, be sure to bring something along to make your presence felt. You never know, it may also scare off the midges.


Your Bike

Fair warning, the Fort William trails will be closed off around the week of the event. But there are plenty of other places to ride in Scotland or on the way to the event. Grab your bike and your bike gear and sneak in a quick ride during the weekend if you can.


You can find out more about the event at the official Fort William website. Make sure to get round the Village to see the finish area, the expo area and the tech area. The finish area includes approximately 500 seats, though these are on a first come first served basis so you might have to get up early if you want a comfy perch for the racing action on Sunday.

Have we forgotten anything? Let us know if there are essentials we haven’t thought of. Look forward to seeing you all at the weekend!