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Aqua2go Portable Pressure Washer – Review

aqua2go pressure washer review mountainbiking bikes

One of the big pluses of finally moving into your own place is the fact that you don’t have to share with anyone else, other than Mr Betty. That said I do miss a few things; the secure garage was a blessing (for keeping bikes in…) and the big garden with a hose and pressure washer ensured our bikes were sparkling clean all year round.

In the last few months Mr Betty and I moved house to a cosy (aka small) flat and in doing so lost the ability to clean our bikes in the privacy of our back garden. The comfort of just opening the tap and getting rid of the wet mud and dirt whilst already sipping on a hot tea became a distant memory, or so I am told, Mr Betty does most of the actual cleaning.

We wanted to explore the options for cleaning our bikes, particularly given that WINTER IS COMING. First, but least likely, was carrying up several flights of stairs and cleaning it whilst having a shower. As much as I love the purple one (my bike, what were you thinking?) I don’t fancy drying her off in the shower each week.

aqua2go pressure washer review mountainbiking bikes

So much hassle, but at least you can give your bike a cuddle

Our alternative was to use a good old fashioned bucket and a sponge, which works pretty well in comparison to the example above. It allows you to clean your bike on a budget, and in the summer months I can sponge bath Mr Betty at the same time. For all its merits I didn’t love the idea of (Mr Betty) carrying a big sloshy bucket up and down the stairs after every ride. Plus, cleaning a bike with sponge takes a lot of time!

We decided we needed something a little more serious. To our rescue came Aqua2go. They make a portable pressure washer which can be operated battery or car powered. After a few months of testing out the Aqua2go it is hard to imagine bringing the bucket and sponge out of retirement.

Aqua2go make two versions; the Aqua2go (17L) and the Aqua2go Pro (20L). We have been testing out the 17L version of the washer. Both can be battery operated and come with a hose and a variety of accessories for cleaning all the difficult nooks and crannies on Mr Betty. The actual construction of the washer is a very rugged, thick plastic that looks like it will easily stand up to being bashed around in car parks across the country, and the buttons and lids are easy to use with gloves on when trying to keep warm after a ride.

aqua2go pressure washer review mountainbiking bikes


The hose is pretty rugged and can be detached for easy transportation. The spray gun is easy to use and the pressure can easily be adjusted from a wide spray down to a pinpoint. Before filling with water, the pressure washer weights about 5kg, so it is not very heavy. Once we actually poured 17l into it only Mr Betty can carry this to the car. If we had one criticism of the Aqua2go it would be that it is somewhat heavy when full, though to be fair to the good people at Aqua2go they had very little to do with the weight of water so we wont hold this against them.

The battery charge seems to last about 30 minutes, which should be enough time to empty the entire container and spray Mr Betty with leftover water or pretend to clean the car before getting it dirty on the ride home. If you forget to charge the unit before you go then car easily powers it,. The pressure washer gets off the mud very easily with reasonably strong pressure at around 10psi maximum. It is worth mentioning that it is not too strong, which is very important for the bikes bearings and all of those moving parts which don’t appreciate having water forced into them. Little tip, fill it up with hot water before leaving the house, this usually leaves you with warm water at the end of the ride that will help get the dirt off easier, plus you can also wash your hands and face in the dead of winter.

aqua2go pressure washer review mountainbiking bikes

The bike is now squeaky clean!

We noticed that there only a few mobile pressure washers out on the market, and in fact we aren’t clear whether on the big names, ‘Mobi’, are still in business. The Aqua2go retails for around £100-150, depending on the supplier and the offers available. You can buy the aqua2go on Amazon here. For any extra info about the product, please go to Aqua2go website.

Using the Aqua2go over the last few months has been pretty simple and it has pushed us to wash our bikes before we put them in the car , speeding up the faffing time when we get home, and reducing the time to pizza. For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to possess an outside tap of their own, the Aqua2go is a great solution. If you’re a regular rider in muddy conditions (i.e. anywhere in the UK during any season) then this will help keep your bike running and your car clean.

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