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Aqua2go Portable Pressure Washer – Review

One of the big pluses of finally moving into your own place is the fact that you don’t have to share with anyone else, other than Mr Betty. That said I do miss a few things; the secure garage was a blessing (for keeping bikes in…) and the big garden with a hose and pressure […]

Bliss ARG minimalist elbow pads – Review

A few weeks ago I booked onto an uplift session at Bike Park Wales. This ‘racing slug’ is planning on getting faster. That said, my body is still soft and pink like a newborn mole rat, it needs protection. When the trails get rough I regularly ride with my 661 knee pads (you can find […]

Ergon GE1 Grips – Review

  Ergon are a company known for taking a different approach to bike components, and with pro riders like Tahnee Seagrave, Remy Absalon and Greg Minnaar onboard they have to do be doing something right. As the name suggests their products are all designed to be ergonomic, to fit better and reduce rider discomfort. Ergon’s GE1 […]

Melon Optics Parker MX Goggles – Review

MELONS…Now that I have your attention let’s talk eye protection. Mud splats, dust or even small rocks can be a danger when you are shredding the trails, or alternatively when you are juicing a lemon. Goggles offer protection and if I learnt anything in school it was that you should always use protection. In comparison […]

Llandegla Core Skills Course for Women

It was my birthday and Mr Betty surprised me with a ticket to a One Planet Adventure Llandegla Women’s Core Skills course. Can you just imagine my surprise – instead of holding a puppy, my boyfriend held a piece of folded paper and a big grin on his face (which was justified). When Mr Betty […]

Commencal Meta V4 Purple 2016- Review

  The Commencal Meta V4 Purple is my first full-suspension bike. This feels like an important step in my mountain bike education. I bought this bike in January 2016 from an amazing bike shop called Bikeactive. The guys know their stuff and answered all my questions before and after I decided to part with my […]

SixSixOne Rage Knee Pads – Review

Today I am doing a review of SixSix One Rage Knee Pads. A surprisingly flexible knee pad at a competitive price, great for a few hours ride at a trail centre or bike park but there are lighter pads out there for all day rides. Whilst the design team at SixSixOne have done a good job, there is a lot less positive to say about SixSixOne’s marketing team.

Fox Flux Helmet – Review

I review the 2015 Fox Flux Helmet, a great entry-level or intermediate Enduro or trail helmet. The Fox Flux helmet has been a staple of riders for all day rides and trail centre blasts and offers excellent rear protection, and even includes a ‘women specific’ version, at some point you are going to own one […]