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SixSixOne Rage Knee Pads – Review

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Today I am doing a review of SixSix One Rage Knee Pads. A surprisingly flexible knee pad at a competitive price, great for a few hours ride at a trail centre or bike park but there are lighter pads out there for all day rides. Whilst the design team at SixSixOne have done a good job, there is a lot less positive to say about SixSixOne’s marketing team.

It is difficult for women to find a good pair of knee-pads. Sizing tends to be a problem with whatever we buy in an industry designed by and for men. Full disclosure, I have quite chunky thighs but definitely less substantial shins, i’m quite a picture, which means finding a set of pads that fit perfectly has been difficult. However as my riding starts to go downhill (literally rather than figuratively), the decision on which pads to buy had to be made.

Little did i know that my boyfriend was thinking about my chunky thighs and made the decision for me, with a lovely pair of 661 rage knee-pads wrapped up under the Christmas tree. Quite a thoughtful gift, as he wants to keep me safe while we are riding around. Though after SixSixOne’s latest advertising campaign I am a little suspicious as to his motives for purchasing the SixSixOne Rage knee pads.


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My SixSixOne Knee Pads under a Christmas Tree… with some other nice things 🙂

The pads come in a stylish black, which will keep them quite easy maintenance, if a little unimaginative. The SixSixOne logo is distinctive and easily recognisable against the black background. For the price point the pads are constructed to a high standard, with a perforated neoprene mesh and a kevlar insert over the knee. So far they’ve stayed pretty tight and haven’t bunched up too much on the few rides i’ve tried them out on yet, though I am aware that some reviews out there suggest that these pads are inclined to move around your leg and bunch up about after a few hours out on the bike.

The pads themselves are quite sturdy, with a hard and I tested it first thing on the kitchen tiles doing some epic air guitar slides. They are surprisingly well suited for trail centre riding and enduro races, as they do not limit your movements as much as I thought they would do when i first unwrapped them under the tree. The two key, and somewhat obvious points a good kneepad needs to cover are protection and ease of movement, so far my experience of the SixSixOne Rage knee pads has been positive.

I personally really like them and they’re a pretty popular pad for AM and DH riding, so inevitably some of you will your own experiences of these pads (and I would be interested to hear from you!). The only drawback I have noticed is that they are not very breathable, what can cause some discomfort on a long ascent on a long day summer ride.


They fit like a glove!

They fit like a glove!

As they are a 2015 years model, you can find them for a bargain (around 35 pounds from Chain Reaction Cycles), but the 2016 models shouldn’t set you back too much either.

Before I leave, it would be remiss of me not to mention SixSixOne’s latest advertising campaign, though i know others will have covered this in more detail [Women’s Total Cycling]. On a daily basis I tend to find riding to be an inclusive activity, male riders in my experience are generally good at treating me like a real person, but this isn’t always reflected in the marketing of some of the bike companies we all purchase from [i.e. Colnago’s epic fail] It is such a shame that 661 have posted an image of a naked lady wearing the same pads on Instagram, I would hope for the most part that it put riders of both genders off immediately rushing out and purchasing the pads. The campaign seems at least 30 years out of date, and overwhelmingly tasteless. Mostly, I am disappointed that the advert featured no bike, no trail or fun whatsoever, because that is what selling those knee pads should be all about, inspiring men and women to go out and ride. SixSixOne should be empowering women to ride, not continuing to objectify them, they might find they have a few more customers if they do.

Cranky Betty