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10 gifts for a female mountainbiker (on a budget)

I have noticed lately that many of my friends, or Mr Betty himself, struggle a lot with a good idea for bike-themed birthday presents (this might be the bitter-me talking after my recent arrival at a quarter-century). Times are hard and budgets can be an important part of purchasing such gifts. I do not think that my friends should spend lavish amounts of money on my weird hobbies, but usually then you get stuck with a bell for a bike that was never meant for a commute or a bottle of Muc-off (not that it isn’t appreciated!).

Here are a few tips for the giftees and a few gawks for the gifted:

wonky wooliesbinnie

  1. Wonky Woolies Hat (range from £22.50 to £55) – a great beanie is a great present for a female rider – it’s a perfect solution to pesky helmet hair! With Wonky Woolies you can choose any colour on your hat and if you want a bobble or not. The hats are made in Scotland,  so the delivery to Fort William should be pretty quick!

    best mountain biking mug

  3.  Biking Mug (£5.50 on Amazon) – A biking themed mug is a recipe for a good mood plus it lets the uninitiated know that you really like bikes! Handy for reminiscing that last epic ride, storing loose ball bearings or just making a statement at work.

    bike Pasta

  5.  Bike-shaped pasta (£5.95 in Evans) – After a long ride a pasta dish sounds perfect, how about making it into a bike-shaped pasta meal? It’s bike shaped and includes carbs, that is a winner!

    yoga matt

  7. GAIAM yoga matt (about £20 + shipping) – Many of us ladies practice yoga to stretch those sore muscles post-ride and strengthen the core (I am still trying to convince Mr Betty to do this… though I don’t think it will ever happen). A pretty GAIAM matt will complement your yoga sessions so well!

    chamois cream

  9.  Rapha Chamois Cream (£15) – Chamois Cream might not be the most exciting thing at first sight, and if you use it right no one will ever know, but the lucky recipient will be really grateful after a long enduro ride. Rapha Chamois Cream smells amazing, it has a fresh, pine like fragrance that reminds of early spring morning on a forest ride, and makes your bum smell great.

    fox gloves

  11. Fox Ripley Gloves (£22) – A pair of lovely gloves is always a safe bet for the rider in your life. These lovely Fox Ripley Gloves come in a few colours (pink obligatory) and a lovely dotted pattern. If Fox and other apparel companies read this, please note that not all of the female riders like flowers, dots and pink so please discuss your choice of pattern with the ‘gifted one’ before making colour decisions.

    muc off

  13. Muc-Off essentials kit (£26 on Amazon) – Well like I said you can never go wrong with some cleaning products. Because all bikes need to get cleaned from time to time, after a muddy ride. Recommended to be paired with an “I will clean your bike few times” voucher.


  15. ODI Vans lock-on grips (£19.99 on Chain Reaction Cycles) – A pair of new grips to match the colour of the bike? Sounds perfect! Make sure that they are grippy but still quite soft – ODI Vans grips check all of the boxes in these criteria and look pretty cool at the same time.

    park Tools multi tool

  17. Park Tool Multi Tool MT10 (£19.99 on Chain Reaction Cycles) – A good, lightweight and small multi tool is always a good bet. The Park Tools MT-10 ticks all the boxes and is guaranteed to be small and light in comparison to the big tool you are probably biking with…

    loam coffee mystery DH mtb lists

  19.  Loam Coffee Mystery DH (about £10 + shipping)Last but very much not least, post and pre-ride (or mid-ride!) it is nice to have a cuppa coffee why not get the Mystery DH Loam Coffee,light in flavour and named after a north shore trail in North Vancouver to give you suitable inspiration for your next adventure.


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