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11 Best Christmas presents for a female mountainbiker

Christmas is getting closer and I know that Mr Betty is struggling under the weight of what to get me for Christmas this year (he knows that a repeat of last years ‘juicer debacle could leave him out in the cold). I can see from his increasingly frantic google searches that he needs help with what goes well under the Christmas tree this year.

If you or your significant other are looking for stocking fillers then we have you covered; check out these 11 presents for a female mountain biker. For a selection of gifts on a budget, visit our previous article here.

Full disclosure; I talked this through with a number of ‘ladies of the trail’ so I am reliably informed that this is what we all want for Christmas


melon goggles mtb christmas presents for female mountainbiker

1. Melon Goggles (£35 pounds) [click]

One for the Enduro and the DH ladies; Melon goggles make a great present, if you don’t believe me check out our review earlier this year. A super-wide lens, miles of padding and they are highly customisable to boot. These goggles will turn heads on the trails in the new year.

There are so many designs and options the only difficulty will be finding out which one your loved one desires. My personal favourite is the galaxy strap, blue chrome lens and a black frame.


shredly mtb shorts women mtb christmas present

2. Shredly shorts ($100 / £80 in the UK before shipping) [click]

The craziest designs on the market, different colours and lengths will satisfy a lot of fashionable female mountain biker. Shredly was the Kickstarter dream of Ashley Rankin, a keen mountain biker from Colorado, the company has grown a lot since then and their clothing is in high demand. 

Shredly shorts are still pretty rare on the trails in the UK as there appears to be no distributors outside of North America yet, so this will make shipping and returns a little more difficult at the moment. My favourite is the G Long Short, the midnight blue dotted with little birds looks fantastic.


mtb course llandegla women christmas gifts

3. MTB course (around £90) [click]

A new year means a new you. If you or your loved one are looking to master drops and jumps or just hone their technique why not get them a present that is more of an experience.

One Planet Adventure offer a great series of courses, with a number aimed at women specifically. If you want to know more read a review here. The courses are led by experienced instructors, who will be videoing your numerous fails to show you where you need to improve, the lunch isn’t half bad either.


sealskinz mtb socks christmas present women list4. Sealskinz Socks (from £25) [click]

It’s a new twist on a Christmas staple; socks. It seems not very thoughtful at first, but imagine how happy your lady will be with warm and toasty feet after a winter ride. 

Aside from Sealskinz socks; the women’s all weather XP cycle gloves is worth considering; waterproof and touch-screen friendly. They may not be the most stylish gloves but when you’ve been riding for hours in sub-zero temperatures you won’t care how you look.


 reverb stealth mtb mountainbiking christmas gifts for women

5. Dropper Post (Rockshox Reverb from £280) [click]

This is a present that many people would not even ask for. If you don’t yet have a dropper post, this present will be a great idea. No longer a product for Enduro racers, there are a number of different makes and models out there to suit every preference.

It is hard to beat the Rockshox Reverb Stealth post, it has been around for a while now but for the most part these cable-free units offer trouble free…dropping.

five tens mtb christmas gifts for women female

6. Five Ten Shoes  (around £80) [click]

We all love a new pair of shoes, and the female mountain biker in your life is no different. If they’re pushing their riding then keeping your feet stuck to the pedals is important, there are none more grippy than Five Ten’s.

The Five Ten Freerider comes in a women’s edition, though the unisex option will work well for many. These aren’t the most waterproof of kicks, so you may want to pair them with some Sealskinz socks. garmin mtb christmas gifts present for women

7. Garmin Edge 520 (around £180) [click]

If you’re a fan of the numbers, and generally being quicker than others then you’re going to want to be able to measure your rides, or just find your way home!

The Garmin Edge 520 is probably the best gps device on the market for mountain bikers. It’s features are endless but include strava integration, Di2 integration (still not sure how that even works!) and colour maps.

This is by far the best present for the Queen of the Mountains.  

8. Hope bling (from £20) [click]

As much as we love our bikes, there is so much more that can be better and shinier. UK manufacturer Hope make all beautiful hubs, pedals, stems and other parts in a number of colours and options to suit every taste.

I’m personally hoping that Santa brings me a new AM/Freeride stem in jazzy purple.

camelback rucksack mtb female presents list christmas

9. Camelbak rucksack from £82 [click]

A good pouch to store your water, food or all of the extra tools you might need on a long ride is always a blessing. The Camelbak Women’s Magic backpack is a good choice for trail riders with a number of pockets for your tools (or snickers) and Camelbak’s unrivaled bladder and Big Bite valve.

A good backpack is a great thing to find under a Christmas Tree; and it can even double up as a gin pouch for those long Christmas Day afternoons with all the relatives.  

annas legs mtb christmas presents for women

10. Anna’s Legs (£105) [click]

Anna’s legs became an instant hit in 2016.Designed by Anna Glowinski for Velo Vixen these leggings look equal parts stylish and comfortable.  

Great designs, comfy chamoix for those delicate bits and most importantly an anti-muffin top waistband which makes them perfect to change into after christmas dinner. That said, at £105 a pair you are going to have be extra nice to your loved ones to deserve these! 

mucoff christmas gifts for chrismas

11. Muc Off muscle rubs (around £18) [click]

This is one of the smallest gifts on this list, but  definitely very special. After a ride, a muscle rub is a definite must! The Muc Off amino recovery balm is deigned leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a long ride. Now all you need is someone to help you massage it in….