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12 Best Christmas presents for a female mountain biker

“Only 25 sleeps until Christmas…” I hear someone say and I tense up, Christmas shopping has officially moved from “something I should be doing” to “something I have to do immediately otherwise my family will cast me out into the cold on Christmas morning”.

If you are like me or my other half, both frantically looking for a present for the cyclist in your life, then look no further. If your “someone special” isn’t a mountain biker then why not get yourself a little gift.

I know reading the annual Cranky Betty Christmas list is normally enough of a pleasure but this year we teamed up with an actual, real-life mountain bike company to give you the chance to win something from our esteemed Christmas list. Flow MTB have been kind enough to donate an item from our list to a lucky winner. Details of how to enter the competition can be found at the bottom of this article.

Ferda Girls Tshirt

Ferda Girls T-shirt

This year Micayla Gatto and IFHT’s video took mountain biking community by storm. If you haven’t listened to it yet then check it out here. Not only is the design rad but it allows the mountain biking lady in your life to wear her passion for the sport on her sleeve, literally. Ok, so if you are ordering to the UK then the delivery might be a bit on a longer side, coming in from Canada, but the exchange rate from CAD makes the shirt a bargain for UK customers.

DHarco Gloves

DHaRCO Gloves

If you are anything like me then your gloves have probably seen better days. Mine smell like that drawer in the fridge that never gets cleaned and they’re holier than the Pope. If you want to treat your biking lady to a bit of luxury, why not try DHaRCO’s gloves in Flamingo, Ruby Stars or Baby Blue. The gloves come in some beautiful designs, are well ventilated (it will be summer eventually) and have an smartphone swipeable material built into the fingers.

Muc off

Muc-Off …Anything Really!

You can’t go wrong with something from Muc-Off. It’s not just dads all over the country waking up on Christmas Day to a somewhat obviously wrapped bottle of cleaner spray, we ladies enjoy something to shift the grit and grime too (though I would definitely advise against using it on yourself).  A happy bike makes for a happy rider (and I presume being cleaned makes my bike happy!). There are a wide selection of packages, kits and standalone products for you to choose from. I personally love the look of some of the bundles. For example you can pick up some Bike protect, Muc-off spray, wet lube, brush and sponge for only £23.50

Go pro 5 session

GoPro 5 Session

If you really really like the recipient of your Christmas affection, or you have big pockets, the GoPro 5 session is a great piece of kit for the aspiring mountain bike filmographer. I presume Brandon Semenuk got a GoPro for Christmas and then just got really good as a result, at least that’s what I’m banking on. A GoPro is a great way of making memories, making videos and also finding ways to analyse and improve your riding. Plus, you might win the fail of the month on Pinkbike (far more likely).  The GoPro 5 session comes with 4k video, image stabilization and is small enough to fit just about anywhere (don’t test that last part too far, you have been warned!).

Ion long trousers

ION Softshell Shelter WMS

It’s Winter out there. Christmas may be a time of good cheer but it is also a time of mud, rain and snow. The female rider in your life deserves something to keep her warm and dry on those long, cold rides. The Shelter trousers from ION are water-resistant, stretchy and breathable and they don’t look too bad either. Crucially for me they also feature an adjustable waistband, a must after too much turkey on the big day.

Findra Neck warmer

Findra Neck Warmer

If your budget is a little smaller there are other ways to keep warm (not that!). Findra offer some incredible wool neck warmers that look pretty too. Findra pride themselves on creating high quality merino wool items, specifically made for women, that should be more than enough to convince you to add these items to your Christmas shopping list.

Wheels 4 life charity

Wheels4Life Donation

Christmas is a time for giving. We should all consider making a charitable donation on behalf of a loved one. There are multiple charities that help other with bikes, in a variety of interesting ways. One of the most notable ones is Hans Rey’s charity Wheels4Life. Donating to this organisation will help provide bikes to people in need in developing countries. Whilst we all use our two wheeled steeds for leisure, the use of a bike in some places can be the difference between getting to school or the doctors or not. We have no doubt your significant other will appreciate the thought with this gift.

Lenzyne microfloor pump

Lezyne Microfloor Gauge HP Pump

This is one of my favourite tools to carry when out on longer rides. If I did not own it already it would definitely have been on my personal Christmas list. The Lezyne Microfloor Gauge HP Pump is the best hand pump I have used to date. It is just small enough to fit in a backpack, it doesn’t weigh too much and it has a number of smart features that many small pumps lack like a foldable foot support, a T-shaped handle for easier pumping and a pressure gauge for…accurate pumping, I guess. It also feels like it was well made, being metal rather than plastic it isn’t going to fall apart or overheat. A pump risks sending the wrong signal to your significant other, but when they are miles away from the car with a flat tyre they are going to thank you (try not to look too smug).

Topeak ratchet rocket tool

Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite NTX

Another item that I always keep in my pack and comes personally recommended. The  Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite Ntx is a great ratchet / mutlitool. It is comes with 4,5 and 6nm torque wrenches to help you to tighten bolts on your bike correctly (no more stripping the threads on those top cap bolts!). Despite packing a lot of features the Ratchet Rocket is very compact and can easily fit in a pocket or jersey pich. It comes with a huge range of allen, torx and screwdriver attachments, as well as tyre levers and a patch pocket. It’s a clever bit of kit that will keep your bike going, plus the ratchet sound can be used to scare off wild animals or roadies.

Spank Oozy vibrocore

Spank Oozy 760 LTD Vibrocore Bar

If your lady is struggling with arm pump when going down the trail then one way to fix it might be the Spank Vibrocore system. We reviewed the Vibrocore bar previously and found it can make a difference to arm pump, with a similar feeling to far more expensive carbon bars. Broadly speaking alloy bars are a made from particularly dense materials, resulting in a large amount of the energy from rocks and roots passing through the bars and into your significant other’s’ hands. If you don’t want to end up with your other half having claws for hands in later life then consider a Vibrocore bar (I understand they ruled this marketing slogan out early in the development of the bar!). A handlebar might not be classically romantic so, as with a lot of gifts on this list, I would try and test the water to see if this is something they might be interested in first.

Garmin Forerunner

Garmin Forerunner 235

If the lady that you are buying presents for loves statistics, Strava and step counters then I think a sporty smartwatch is on the cards. There are a wide selection of smart watches available for such occasions, so you can definitely spend a lot of time researching this topic. We would recommend the Garmin Forerunner 235, as it is good value with a wide selection of options, measurements and abilities. It can connect to your phone, control your music, allow you to receive notifications and of course, match it with strava. It can’t cook you dinner yet though and realistically I would probably sit there shaking it at work to get free donuts

NS Bikes Movement

NS Bikes Movement

If Santa has quite a bit of money set aside for this occasion (or a very good credit score), why not gift your woman a beautiful jump bike (hint hint, Mr Betty!). If the lady in question is interested in learning to jump and improving their aerial skills over winter in a skatepark then this would be one of the best machines to do that on.

The NS Bike Movement not only looks stunning, but its pedigree (Sam Pilgrim has been with the company for years) leaves me certain that it would perform well rubber side down at your local skate parks or jump lines. But then being Polish, where NS Bikes come from, I guess I would say that. If anyone was interested in a particular model (Ahem!) then the Movement 2 in blue and pink looks stunning and comes with a Manitou Circus Sport up front keeping things smooth.


If these ideas don’t take your fancy or spark your creativity then feel free to browse through our list from last year, or a more budget-friendly list here. There are also an abundance of other amazing Christmas lists written by bloggers like Adventures of Jademondo or Bikes, Boards and Blethers that are well worth a read too.


Competition Time

If you would want the chance to win a pair of lovely DHaRCO gloves from the kind people at Flow MTB then just click HERE. The winner will be drawn at random and will be notified by email on Monday 18th December. In the meantime why not check out Flow MTB’s entire range here and read more about Anita Hartley and why she set up Flow MTB here.

Merry Christmas

from Cranky Betty