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Buying bikes isn’t so easy when you have girl-parts…

Mountainbike girl getting around

If you’re like me then you will feel like a kid in a sweet shop when you’re in your local bike store however, I’m not a big fan of how I feel sometimes in those lovely shops when I’m looking at that ‘s works’ model way out of my budget. This is especially true when I walk into the shop with my significant other, it’s like I’ve got my invisibility cloak on!

I love my boyfriend to bits and I know that it frustrates him too when the shopkeepers attention will stay trained on him and, as a polite person, he will keep the conversation going and my longing looks towards a giant reign as I open my purse are not going to be recognised.

I realise that the reason why I started biking is because of my significant other and recently I got a little freaked out about whether my love for two wheels was genuine enough or not, maybe that’s what the shopkeepers see in me when I’m trying to buy a new bike?

I want you to think hard about how you got into mountain biking, and think if your decision was made under the influence of your other half, an ex or maybe even another family member? After a bit of soul searching whilst out pedalling (I should have been watching where I was going) I came to the view that how you arrive at mountain biking doesn’t really matter at all.


I appreciate that it sounds like a perfume advert but you are the master of your destiny and the master of your hobbies. I’m sure most women were prompted by an eager boyfriend, or a Dad living vicariously through his daughters, to try the sport. The rest of you just decided that your life needed far more gravel rash. Either way, every woman I’ve ever seen out on the trail or spoken to about riding displays the same love for riding as any man I’ve ever seen (just a bit quieter and with less high fiving sometimes!).

The most important thing is to remember is the moment you got hooked, and the reasons why it keeps you hooked. This is something you want to do more often than once. Now I just need to convince the bike shop guys of this…

What do you think?

Cranky Betty